Hydraulic power packs

Through System Division, Specma can supply hydraulic power packs for any kind of application. From small, compact mini power packs with tank volume below 1 litre and minimal installed power to major pump stations with tank volumes of over 20,000 litres with very high installed power.

We construct power packs in various tank materials, steel, corrosion-resistant steel, acid-resistant steel and aluminium. The system is equipped with components from our broad range. And we will look beyond our own range in order reach the optimal solution when constructing a complete system.

All system design and construction takes place in our own design and construction departments in Sweden. Welding and cutting is done in our workshops worldwide. Each stage is determined by the quality system control processes. All power packs are test run and all measurements including cleanliness level are filed prior to delivery.

We have lengthy experience of different applications and specialize in systems for the marine sector and its certification requirements, the paper industry and its regulations, the mining industry and the steel industry.